In 2017, services were more often provided at locations such as public housing complexes and community and senior centers.  January 2018 the board of directors and staff made the difficult decision to close their door.  Below, see what amazing work this small NGO accomplished from 2008-2017:

  • 94,993 direct face-to-face contacts
  • 57,883 needle exchanges to 7,586 unduplicated clients
  • 10,030 HIV screenings, identifying 172 HIV positives
  • 507 referrals to detox, 616 to substance abuse treatment, and 576 to primary care
  • 805 referrals to STD screening, 583 to Hep C screening, and 278 to syringe exchange
  •  594 referrals to Mental Health Treatment
  •  6,235 referrals to prevention, care, treatment and supportive services
  •  165,613 male condoms, 16,229 female condoms, and 13,589 risk reduction kits


START has had a major impact on HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis testing, prevention and support needs of high risk members of our community.


START's clients primarily have been African-American, heterosexual and poor to working class. Over 80% were age 35 or older; most of them age 45-65, and about a third LGBT.  Most clients lived in Wards 5-8, where the highest HIV, hepatitis and drug arrest rates in the District prevail.  From 2011 through 2016, many services were delivered from START's mobile van at locations and hours when the target population was present.



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2016 Rodney Taylor Community Service Award
presented to George Kerr from Inner Light Ministries

In Memoriam Ron Daniels (1960–2016)

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