George Kerr III is a nationally renowned community activist and former grassroots non-profit executive who continues to be a staple in the fight for social justice in the Greater Washington DC Metropolitan Area for more than 26 years. Having honorably served his country in the US Navy for nearly eight years, Kerr now a decorated veteran, has taken the discipline, organizational skills, and administrative management experiences he learned during his esteemed military career and transferred those assets to serve the District residents with excellent results better.


Mr. Kerr's most significant achievement is the Co-Founding/Executive Director of the nonprofit organization START at Westminster (Syringe Training Advocacy Resources and Treatment).  He led the organization until April 2015.


Mr. Kerr established G III Associates in July 2015.  There are three areas the organization focus on:

  • Becoming Anti-Racist
  • Harm Reduction Matter in the Prevention of HIV/HEP
  • LGBTQ health and senior housing


Mr. Kerr is an Elder and Clerk of Session at Westminster Presbyterian Church confronting racism.  He has organized community conversations on gun violence, loss, and trauma.  He serves at the Co-Moderator for the Presbyterian AIDS Network, PHEWA, PC (USA)


Mr. Kerr completed the Master Trainer in The Chronic Disease Self-Management Program which is an evidence-based Self-Management program initially developed at Stanford University.


Mr. Kerr serves on the Board of Director of Mary’s House for Older Adults and Chairs its Policy, Advocacy, and Out Reach Committee.


Mr. Kerr has a long and committed history of effectively working with some of the most prominent health service providers in the District.  He has motivated hundreds of individuals to advocate on behalf of those who the stigma of HIV and substance abuse has silenced.




2016 Rodney Taylor Community Service Award presented to

George Kerr from Inner Light Ministries

    2013 Outstanding Community Service by Inner Light Ministries,

    2012 Whitman Walker AIDS Walk Award, Washington DC

    1992 National Defense Medal, Pentagon, Arlington VA

    1989 Good Conduct Award on board the USS Nimitz

    1988 Sailor of the Month on board the USS Nimitz

    1986 Navy Achievement Medal, Naval Air Station Cecil Field FL


Faith-Based Coalitions and Collaborative Partnerships


Project Director,  Building Rhythm thru Recovery (BRTR) . Westminster's Building Rhythm thru Recovery (BRTR) seeks to implement Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) education and training in partnership with representatives from the Family Medical Counseling Services (FMCS), Southwest Renaissance Development Corporation (a non-profit within WPC), and The Leadership Council for Healthy Communities (LCHC).


Founder of DC Fights Back is an all-volunteer network of people working to engage ourselves and our communities with issues that effects District residents by advocating, educating and collaborating for social justice


The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is an active contributor to The District of Columbia Center for AIDS Research (DC CFAR) and one of the hallmarks of the center. The CAB contributes directly to providing guidance to DC CFAR leadership, participating in pilot award application reviews and ensuring representation to provide community perspectives. Community Co-Leader for the Drug User Health.


The Institute for Public Health Innovation is a facilitator, convener, and catalyst helping to bring about better health and well-being for all people and communities throughout Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.  Facilitating in the establishment of the DC Community Health Worker Professional Association DC


Mary's House for older adults  is to create independent, communal housing for older adults that eliminates the intense isolation experienced due to aging, subtle and not so subtle discrimination and intolerance based on one's sexual/gender identity or orientation. Mary's House will be a model and set the standard for future housing of its kind, that is, to create a living environment that celebrates and honors the 'whole person' as they age, no matter who they are.


The Presbyterian AIDS Network (PAN) welcomes those who advocate with and care for persons and families who have been infected or affected by HIV and AIDS. We encourage the Church to live out Jesus' ministry of love and justice.


Place of Worship Advisory Board (POWAB)  is a collection of many different District of Columbia faith leaders working to build leadership, interfaith support, and provide spiritual guidance to people with HIV/AIDS and their families.




















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PHONE (202) 838-7339

EMAIL George@GIIIAssociates.com



2016 Rodney Taylor Community Service Award
presented to George Kerr from Inner Light Ministries

In Memoriam Ron Daniels (1960–2016)

G III Associates is committed to advocating, educating and collaborating for social justice through harm reduction. 

Together we can build a healthier community.