G III Associates seeks to balance antiracism, harm reduction and elder housing needs to best help the LGBTQ+ population fight AIDS in D.C.  Living with AIDS is inevitably impacted by the realities of living as a person of color and/or without housing security and to address AIDS is to address what effects their ability to manage and reduce AIDS diagnosis.


According to the CDC, in 2012 25% of those living with AIDS are 55 and over, and people over 50 accounted for 27% of new diagnoses in 2013.  Effectively handling AIDS, especially as an older person, requires housing security.  Helping LGBTQ+ elders to find safe, communal housing which keeps them socially engaged and able to deal with living with AIDS more effectively is why G III Associates is working with Mary’s House for older adults to open more options for communal housing for LGBTQ+ elders.


In addition, G III Associates is committed to antiracist practices in every aspect of it’s work.  Working for the advancement of only one part of those affected by AIDS will never succeed in creating an AIDS free generation.  According the CDC, black people “have the most severe burden of HIV of all racial/ethnic groups in the United States.”  By the end of 2012, nearly half a million African-Americans were living with AIDS, 14% of whom were undiagnosed.  Of those diagnosed, only a little more than half were receiving continuous health care.  This disproportionate impact on black communities has to be addressed to combat the spread and mistreatment of AIDS in all communities.

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2016 Rodney Taylor Community Service Award
presented to George Kerr from Inner Light Ministries

In Memoriam Ron Daniels (1960–2016)

G III Associates is committed to advocating, educating and collaborating for social justice through harm reduction. 

Together we can build a healthier community.