Becoming Anti-Racist as a Person of Faith

G III Associates is available to offer a wide variety of services to groups and organizations which includes education, counseling and long term consulting projects for organizations working to become anti-racist.


In the U.S., racism is white racial prejudice plus discrimination, and supported, on purpose or not, by institutional power, used to the advantage of whites and the disadvantage of other races. (Baltimore Racial Justice Action)


“Any attitude, action or institutional structure which subordinates a person or group because of their color . . . Racism is not just a matter of attitudes; actions and institutional structures can also be a form of racism.”


“Racism is different from racial prejudice, hatred, or discrimination. Racism involves having the power to carry out systematic discriminatory practices through the major institutions of our society.” -- from WHAT CURRICULUM LEADERS CAN DO ABOUT RACISM by Dr. Delmo Della-Dora, New Detroit, Inc. 1970


“Power + Prejudice = Racism.” --from DEVELOPING NEW PERSPECTIVES ON RACE, by Pat A. Bidol “In the United States at present, only whites can be racists, since whites dominate and control the institutions that create and enforce American cultural norms and values . . . blacks and other Third World peoples do not have access to the power to enforce any prejudices they may have, so they cannot, by definition, be racists.” --from EDUCATION & RACISM, National Education Association. 1973 “Racism and white racism mean the same thing, if we are referring to practices of major institutions and dominant societal patterns in the United States today . . . White people are in the majority in the country . . . Thus, government, business, industry, unions, churches, educational and other institutions are almost always dominated by white people. When you combine power with racial discrimination, the result is racism.”


Racism is race prejudice plus power. (Definition, by People’s Institute. Also “white supremacy”)


People's Institute for Survival & Beyond Undoing Racism/Community Organizing Adult Training, October 15-16 2016.   The workshop allowed us to look beyond the surface and consider the systemic oppression, even as they influence our community.  In the two-day, we were to unpack allot of knowledge which made us uncomfortable. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you can understand a person point of view


G III Associates is available to coordinate panelists and speakers for events centered around race and racism which can also include the facilitation of video for panel discussion.




On July 12, 2016 we held a Community Conversation on Gun Violence, Loss & Traumaat the Westminster Church.

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G III Associates is committed to advocating, educating and collaborating for social justice through harm reduction. 

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